Adam Zak, the Lean Executive Recruiter

I help CEOs and their top HR execs recruit the best Lean executives in America to their organizations – at the President and COO level, and for senior operations, supply chain and continuous improvement (OpEx) positions.

My clients include small entrepreneurial companies (think: “Lean Start-Up”), mid-market and privately held organizations, private equity portfolio companies, and a good number of the Fortune 500.

I find and help you attract Lean leaders who initiate, drive and sustain your continuous improvement and operational excellence culture – the HOW of how you do business  – that results in your company’s growth and profitability.

I’ve been doing this now for about 20 years, with 600+ successful executive search projects completed over the course of my executive recruiting career.

Am I exactly the right person to help you with your next Lean executive recruiting challenge? Why not find out?

I’m Adam Zak, the Lean Executive Recruiter, and I recruit Lean executives for companies just like yours. 

+1 847.304.5300  Let’s talk.